The Big Day

It’s all about the Decoration

In many cases friends and family will help you with table decorations and details, or your venue will ensure that your table looks amazing. If this is important to you, I will photograph these aspects to show the effort and care that have gone into this.



The Groom and his Men 

There he is in his best outfit and doesn’t he look good.  What a perfect opportunity for me to take his photograph.

All grooms are nervous but my approach is always to help them feel more relaxed so that I can then photograph them during their quiet reflective moments, getting ready, being with their best buddies and family members and of course with their Best Man.

Ultimately I will be following your requested style of photography but there is always room for those slightly more candid and relaxed images which epitomise the fun you all had on such a special day in your lives.

Equally, capturing those Best Men & Ushers whilst undertaking their duties for your Groom are always must capture moments for me.  As you will note from this little montage, their duties may be done with a little twist or two of cheekiness.


Page Boys, Flower Girls and  Bridesmaids

Children can be a big part of your wedding, whether as Bridesmaids, Page boys or guests


And don’t forget the Guests 

Your important guests are such a vital part of your wedding.  All are there wanting nothing more than for you to have the most special of days.

I will ensure all of your family loved ones and greatest of friends will be captured in their finery and I promise, never to make any of them to say “CHEESE”.

My style of photography is to capture emotion, love, laughter and fun and I think this little montage gives you a small reflection of my style.  Whilst I may need to create some images that are a little more formally posed your guests will always have the most natural of smiles and expressions captured.

Some say Wedding photography can be one of the most stressful professions but for me, being part of such a great day, one that is full of love, happiness, excitement and hopefully, Good Weather!, I always seem to find myself running round with a big grin on my face………..If that is stress then let’s have a bit more please.


Enjoy the day

As for the rest of the day, its important to capture the fun of the day and all the other details that make things so special.