The Happy Couple

As a Horsham wedding photographer couples often say that they want their pictures to look natural, but what does that actually mean. It can mean different things to different people and as all weddings are unique for the couple concerned, it’s always worth explaining what the options are so that people get the photographs that are right for them.

Generally speaking there are three main styles, these are Reportage wedding photography, also known as documentary or photo-journalistic.  Traditional wedding photography, also known as posed or classic and Contemporary wedding photography also known as creative, modern wedding photography.

Each style have their good and bad points and there are photographers who specialize in each of these specific disciplines. In my case I will just say that I aim to show the story of your day and I will make it as relaxed and enjoyable as possible and be as unobtrusive as practicable.

However, it is often the case that people have chosen a beautiful venue, so I will look to show this to it’s best possible advantage. People will often have spent considerable time and effort looking amazing, so I will make sure that this is reflected in my photographs. I will also make sure that I record those people who are special to you.

For you as a couple, I like to make the process relaxed and fun. I may ask to take you to area’s of your venue that are aesthetically pleasing, have amazing light or interesting features. I may also ask you to to walk, speak, have a laugh and even kiss. I promise that you will not be asked to say cheese or anything cheese related. I’m not sure what the photographic term is for all this, but you can see some examples below.