Wedding Detail

Hello from Singularis Photography, today I am going to speak about details an important aspect of weddings. Of course I am talking about photographing the details and decorations on the day.

An important part of my job is to tell the story of the events during the day and that includes highlighting the efforts made by the couple to make their day unique.


I have found that couples approach this aspect of the day from various different angles. Some people employ professional companies to supply goods and services, while others use the skills and assistance

of friends, family or their own talents. Whatever route they take it’s always a surprise and a pleasure to try and record those details in an imaginative and creative way.

One of the advantages of photographing these details, is that I can often use the natural light to try and capture the atmosphere without using flash which can sometimes affect this aspect.


Another thing that I often try, is to take pictures from different angles or highlight important aspects of the detail. It’s important as a photographer to notice small details and if this can improve the picture,

or show aspects of the object that might have been missed at first sight. ┬áIt’s great fun to look at an object and notice colour, shape or form and then explore how the light falls and try and take a creative picture.

Obviously, the priority on the day is to record the people and most importantly the couple who are getting married, however showing these details is an important part of the story and for me adds to the record of the day.

I have included a few pictures to give a flavour of what I mean.


DD Ireland WeddingHMS President (K&P) WeddingSingularis Photography Barn WeddingTudor Barn WeddingDD Ireland WeddingGreen Street Green Church & Chelsfield LakesGreen Street Green Church & Chelsfield Lakes