Blog – The Important Wedding Adornments

 Adornments, Details & Wedding Cakes

Wedding adornments, details and choice of wedding cake will always reflect great variety but the one overriding principle is that every theme chosen has been done with love, attention and often with deep sentiment.

That’s why it is important for photographers to capture the wedding adornments, details and wedding cakes that not only create wonderful displays but also mean so much to our couples personally.

The adornments and details could be in favourite colours, be reflective of styles from by gone days and or have sentimental connections to  our couples’ lives.

Whatever the reason, Our By line has always been and remains;  “If it is important to you then it is important to us”.   So it is always good to hear when our clients often tell us  “We’re so pleased you photographed a particular detail and or  wedding adornment(s)” and then they tell us why it has such importance for them.   Knowing the history just makes us even more pleased that our imagery will keep the memory timeless.

Our photos remind us of each occasion and bring back great memories so you can imagine just how long it takes us to complete our image filing but It’s true to say “Photographs are great memory keepers” and equally true that photographers love their job.

As well as photographing our happy couples, families and loved ones, we pay great attention to capturing all details and those amazing cakes that form such an integral part of our clients’ special days.

Every wedding photographer will always capture the wedding cake and its’ traditional cutting, but for many couples they are usually the only ones who don’t get to sample their fabulous creations!  So for us, we always try to show our clients’ cakes with imagery that captures it’s full beauty and make it look as  tasty as it was on the day.

Whilst we have oodles of such pics we hope you like this selection of wedding adornments, details & wedding cakes we have chosen for this blog.