There are many kinds of portraits and it’s a subject that I find endlessly interesting.┬áIt’s worth considering that we live in a world saturated with images on Social Media and the Internet. We have untold numbers of photographs sitting on hard drives and discs, yet how many of these of pictures will ever be seen again, or even more importantly printed as a record of a moment in time. We often don’t realise the importance of photographs until years later, as they remind us of that person at that time.

What makes a good portrait, you will find a different answer from every photographer and who am I to say whether they are right or wrong. Should a photographer flatter their subject or record them warts and all. What is the picture going to be used for, is it for business, family, a personal record or for someone else.

How does the sitter feel about the process, do they want to be there or have they been “persuaded” by someone. Have they ever sat for a portrait before, it’s still surprising that in today’s selfie obsessed world, many people have never sat down one to one and had their portrait taken. What about the location, should it be at home, at their work place or in a studio.

If you decide that you want a portrait with me, these are all questions that I will ask you to consider. However, don’t get to caught up in the mechanics of the shoot as these questions just help to clarify and help the process. I will look to make it a collaborative operation where we discuss your requirements, then look to the best way of achieving your vision.

As with all of my photography, above all it should be relaxed and enjoyable. I’m a strong believer in making photography a fun and pleasant experience, not an ordeal to endure. Here’s a cross section of my work that shows what to expect.