Portrait Photography

Good afternoon, time for another blog and today I thought I would speak about a recent shoot we did with the beautiful Rachel Ritfeld.

One of my other sidelines is that sometimes I act as a supporting artist i.e an Extra on television and films.

Now I have no ambitions to do anything more than act as background while the real actors do their thing.

However, it’s good fun, you see a different side of the industry, you also get paid and you meet some really interesting people.

So there we were on the set of Eastenders for the Christmas edition when we met Rachel, who was in the same episode.

It turned out that she is an experienced model and actress as well as being great fun.

It did not take me long to drop lot’s of hints about being a photographer.

No sooner did she say “Maybe we could do a shoot together”  than I was on the phone and organising the day.

Rachel was kind enough to invite us to her home and Dee and myself spent a lovely day finding locations nearby, as well as setting up inside her home to get some shot’s.

Now one of the issues with posing is that for most people it does not come naturally and they require guidance from the Photographer.

Well imagine working with someone who has done countless shoots, is used to posing and is really relaxed in front of a camera, talk about make my job easier.

Rachel was full of idea’s and a real pleasure to work with, all I had to do was set up the lighting and take the picture (not as easy as it sounds).

I was pleased with the results and hope to work with her again.

To see more about Rachel visit her website  www.rachelritfeld.com