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We have recently moved into this professional arena of film photography work and love the opportunity to create short artistic and creative films for our clients. Our commissions thus far have been very different in their requirements and visions but all have been greatly rewarding.

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MingleMinded –Business Networking Film                                                                                                   

MIngle Minded is a business networking group targeting professionals in the property and construction industry. Their directors asked us to create this short video for their website and wider promotions.  They had a keen desire for us to focus on the informal ambience of the networking events, their friendly environment and showcase their branding within our film.

Our clients loved it and it is now now proudly housed on their website.  They also use our work for wider marketing campaigns.  We’re delighted.

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Marie Curie Firewalk Fundraising Event Marie Curie Hospice West Midlands Staff & Marston Green Fundraising Group January 2017 –  Film                                                                                                                                          

Dee had recently participated in a sponsored Firewalk fundraising event for the Marie Curie Sevenoaks Kent fundraising team and I thought it would be great to video her and other fundraisers taking ‘their brave steps’ across the hot coals.

For me, not only was it a fun night it was also a great opportunity to get my videography equipment out and film the event.  Once the film was edited and on our website I notified the Sevenoaks team and was then overwhelmed when the viewing hits on my website went ‘bonkers’.

This led to the Marie Curie West Midlands team hearing what we had done and asking if we would be available to cover their Firewalk fundraising event in January?   A few conversations later and Dee and I found ourselves heading up to Solihull armed with all our videography equipment and big smiles on our faces.  We felt honoured to be filming such a great fundraising event and getting to meet many members of the West Midlands Marie Curie team, members of the Marston Green Fundraising Group and The Mayor and his lovely Lady Mayor too.

Our film reflects just a small summary of all that is achieved by this incredible Charity and gives poignant insight to incredible fundraisers contributions.  It was a real pleasure to complete this film for the Marie Curie Charity and the other great thing for us was that Time4Change (Organisers of the Firewalk) also wanted to use our film on their website too.  A very nice bonus indeed.

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Blakers Works Dial Post – Film 

Last year Dee & I had the pleasure of doing a photo and video film shoot for Daisy White, her fellow directors and contributors to the MyPerfectPopUpShop team in Horsham, West Sussex. 

Daisy’s vision was for the  MyPerfectPopUp ‘crew’ to be filmed and interviewed in an atmospheric site and had been fortunate enough to have access to Blakers Works in Dial Post, West Sussex.

Whilst we were doing pre film checks for our shoot we met Alan Davis.  Alan had previously been employed there for all his working life, having followed in his Father and Grandfather’s footsteps as welders and doing chassis repairs in the Blakers Works garages and Blacksmith Shop which had been in operation from 1932.

Alan provided us with a wonderful insight to the site’s history and knowing that it had recently been sold to property developers, we felt it was important to capture just a tiny aspect of his story in our own creative way before the site was demolished.

Alan was a little bemused at our request but thankfully overcame his shyness and let us interview him.  We loved hearing his accounts and think you will too.   Enjoy!

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JahJyot Punjabi Street Foods – Film

This year we had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Rani, the inspiration behind the award winning JahJyot Punjabi Street Foods  Pop Up enterprise.  Our brief was to ascertain what success looked like to Rani and his team and whether he could pass on any sound advice to other newbies in the Pop Up world of Street Food sellers.

Whilst Rani knew we were meeting with him,  many of the other food stall holders and local passer bys didn’t so they were quite bemused when they saw us setting up our equipment on the Bandstand in Carfax Horsham.  As this was one of our first interviewing stints, we admit, we were quite nervous but Rani proved to be a natural in front of our cameras and that just made our job so much easier.

Mind you it was still tricky not being totally distracted by the wonderful spicy and aromatic aromas coming from his stall as his interview progressed.  However our brief from Daisy WhiteMyperfectPopUpShop  was met and it was time for us to head on home with rumbling tums.

What we didn’t know at the time but do now ; JahJyot Punjabi Street Foods went on to become the winners of the Sussex Food & Drink Awards  “Best Street Food” and the prestigious Horsham “Peoples’ Choice Awards” 2017.   A very well deserved win for a great team serving fabulous Street Food in our home town of Horsham, West Sussex.

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