Frequently asked Questions – Weddings

Q – What do I need to do to book my wedding with you. 

A – Give me a call and we can arrange to meet for a chat about your requirements and the best way to match your vision.

Q- When will we discuss the wedding and our requirements.

A – The earlier we meet the easier it will be to plan for your big day.However, I often find that plans can change so there will be a meeting 4-6 weeks before the day to finalise your requirements.This will include an agreed list of the images that are important to you.

Q – What if you have not attended our venue(s) before.

A – I always visit the venue before the day. This is important and and allows us to work towards obtaining the best image.This also helps if the English weather decides to rain on your parade. The use of suitable indoor venue’s , natural cover and attractive umbrella’s can always save the day.

Q – What about a deposit.

A – Your initial investment is 20% of the total cost.

Q – When do I pay the full amount.

A – I will ask for settlement 4 weeks prior to the date of the wedding.

Q – Are there any other expenses

A – All services are inclusive and agreed at the time of booking.Any other eventualities are covered in the booking form.

Q – What about equipment failure, accident or other unforeseen events.

A – To date that has never occurred. I use professional equipment, this means a Canon EOS 5D Mk3 with twin card slots in the event of one card failing.I have another Canon body in the event of damage or other unforeseen event, as well as plenty of spare cards, batteries and other equipment. I also have the 2nd shooter present with similar Canon equipment with me and have insurance in the unlikely event of a catastrophe.

Q – When will we see our photographs, how many do you usually take.

A – The pictures will be placed on the clients website after 7 days. The number of images depends on the package chosen, however it typically ranges from 150 up to 450 images from which you can make your choice. I will then invite you to select those special images that you want in your album. The album is usually ready for collection within 6 weeks of your order.

Q – What if I change my mind and want to upgrade or use more pictures.

A – This is quite common and easily facilitated. My pricing is clear and further pictures and pages in the album can be included at reasonable cost. If it is possible and practical I will do what I can to accommodate your wishes.

Frequently asked Questions – Studio Shots

Q – What does a studio session comprise of

A – The session usually lasts for 1 hour which is normally enough time to ensure that the the pictures that you want have been obtained. However, with small children it’s important to realise that a studio environment and in particular posing can be tiring despite the best efforts of all concerned, so we do our best to make it as flexible and stress free as possible. On average you will have 100-120 shots in total which can be edited to 25-30 of the best pictures from which you can chose.

Q – What do I wear

A – The choice is up to you and depends on the style of the picture you want. Bear in mind that you will be looking at these for many years so chose wisely. The studio background is white so I find that non white colourful clothing provides greater contrast and interest particularly with children.

Q – My children don’t like / I don’t like having my photograph taken.

A – I recognise that unless your a professional model a studio can be a strange environment. My job is to make the experience relaxing and fun and move away from overly posed and unnatural shots. With children please feel free to bring any favourite toys, or even heaven forbid… some sweets. In the event that your child is having a “moment” and we can’t obtain the shots we want, you will be invited back for another session free of charge.

Q – Can I have a disc of the pictures

A – You can purchase a copyright free disc. What this means is that you purchase the rights to print the pictures yourself. This means that you can print in whatever size, quantity or quality you wish. It also means that you are free to search for the best pricing deals and the quality of the image within the disc is high quality to enable printing on canvas or for a large image.

Q – What if I can’t get to your studio

A – I prefer to use a professional studio mainly because there is room for more people, it means that I can accommodate large groups and full length images and give my clients room to move around and relax. It also means that there is no disruption to your own home. However, I am always

flexible and we can discuss your needs as appropriate.

Q – When do I see my pictures

A – I conduct an initial edit picking the best images from the session. I then ensure that these are correctly processed, cropped and colour balanced. You will then be invited to chose the images you wish to purchase and asked to pay on this day with either cash or cheque. These images will be ready 4 weeks from that date where you can collect at your convenience.