Childrens’ Photography – Bella and Jos Toys

Singularis Photography & Bella & Jos Photo Shoot April 2016Singularis Photography & Bella & Jos Photo Shoot April 2016Singularis Photography & Bella & Jos Photo Shoot April 2016Singularis Photography & Bella & Jos Photo Shoot April 2016Singularis Photography & Bella & Jos Photo Shoot April 2016Bella and Jos Toys
Hello from us at Singularis Photography based in Horsham West Sussex, check out our latest blog about our photographic session with Bella and Jos.

Today I am going to speak about a shoot we did last weekend with Vikki from Bella and Jos toys. Now for those of you who don’t know she is based in Horsham and sells gorgeous wooden toys from around the world, but rather than taking pictures of the toys on their own, she wanted some pictures of children actually playing with and enjoying the toys.

Fortunately for all of us she has some lovely friends who let us use a large light airy room, not only that but we were able to borrow some of her friends children to act as models.
Saturday FunĀ 
So on the day myself, Dee and Vikki had lot’s of toys ready and all that was required was to add children. For those of you looking to take up photographing young children, there is no better experience for a photographer looking to capture natural shots, if they are allowed to relax and in this case play with toys.

Now obviously the purpose of the shoot was also to show some of the range of toys that are available, so there was a degree of asking our young models to sit on cars and scooters. However, while I was doing this Dee was taking natural light un-posed pictures.

The other thing to remember is that children can sometimes become bored or restless, so the Mums and Dad’s were on hand to look after them, entertain or take them for a walk round the block if required. We spent 2-3 hours taking pictures and it was pretty busy at times, however I think that at the end of it we got what Vikki wanted and everyone was happy with the pictures. Here are a few to give an idea.


  1. Hello there

    Just had to say how lovely these pictures are. The #Bellaandjos shoot must have been great fun and guessing you will now be adding some of these beautiful childrens’ portraits into your #Little Stars gallery.

    Kind Regards
    Diana Vicar
    Horsham West Sussex

  2. Hi there

    I have two little ones of my own and can so recommend these #bellaandjos toys. I saw your lovely photographs on Facebook and think you have really showcased both the #children and the #wooden toys perfectly. Looking forward to seeing more of your photographic work in due course.

    Hannah Watchman
    Horsham West Sussex

  3. Greetings Eric

    I wonder if you could contact me as I am looking to book a family studio portrait session in the near future and was recommended to contact your good self. I have two small children (ages 5 and 3) and a rather goofy dog who I would love included in the family portrait session with my wife and children.

    Having seen your recent blogs, I am hoping that we can discuss some mutually suitable dates?

    Ideally I would like to book the portrait session for a Saturday and if possible, before End of May 2016?
    Will look forward to hearing from you.

    Andrew Millstead, Horsham, West Sussex


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