Bluebell Bride

We were lucky enough to be asked by our friend Michelle to come along to one of her shoots with her friend Kira and two of her horses Sparkle and Paddy.

Kira was married last year but unfortunately did not have the opportunity to include her two horses in the pictures.

So what better excuse to find a handy wood with some bluebells and dress Kira up in her wedding dress.

Everything started well, although Kira suggesting I keep away from the back feet should have been a clue.

Once we got to the woods it soon became clear that these magnificent creatures have a mind of there own and you need skill and experience to handle them properly.

I offered to hold the reins of Sparkle while Kira got changed and unfortunately my foot got in the way of her hoof.

As I danced up and down turning the air blue and shouting in pain I realised I had learnt a life lesson.¬†As a note for anyone considering playing “footsie” with a horse, my advice is not to consider it.

Fortunately, there was no harm done and we continued the shoot. I really enjoyed the shoot and Michelle, Dee and myself got some lovely pictures.

I thought that Kira looked amazing and with the added bonus of the bluebells, the woodland and the horses, it wasn’t difficult to get some great images.