Hello, just a quick blog about always having a camera and also taking the time to print your photographs. A couple of years ago we were lucky enough to travel to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Now obviously I took my camera and took as many pictures as possible to reflect the sights and culture.

Over the weeks I must have taken hundreds of pictures and at the time I felt that lot’s of them were what I would describe as “record”  shots that just reflect the scene.

After the trip, like most people I just processed them, them before putting them in a file for the future.

In the last couple of years I have started to look at how I show my work and in particular the importance of printing photographs.

How many of us have thousands of digital  images reflecting years of memories sitting on hard drives or burned on to discs.

Be honest and think about how often you look at those images. I have recently started to go through some of my old discs and found that they can actually start to degrade or not be recognised by present technology.

Evidence suggests that with ever-growing disk capacities, file sizes, and increases in the amount of data stored on a disk, the likelihood of the occurrence of data decay and other forms of uncorrected and undetected data, corruption increases.

So what about printing, well using the correct inks and a good quality paper, images can last for decades, and even longer if not exposed to constant sunlight.

Fast forward a couple of years and I recently had another look at my trip to the far east. All of the memories came flooding back and so I decided to have another look with my creative head on and also to see whether I could print some of them.

I have enclosed a few images that show the people and some of the places that include the tragedy of the Killing Fields in Cambodia and Hellfire Pass in Thailand.

Some of these images are now printed and displayed at home, to remind me of an incredible experience.