About Us – Wedding & Portrait Photographer Horsham   

Many of our Wedding & Portrait clients ask us why we are known as Singularisphotography as its’ quite a title.

We agree but when we tried registering our previous favourite names we found they had all been taken!      However, we believe that we bring an element of uniqueness to our wedding & portrait photography and that our portfolios reflect this, so in keeping with being that little bit ‘Unique’ what better way to say so then in Latin!

The approach we take ensures that your day is captured in an engaging and unobtrusive approach. 

Both Dee and myself always being on the lookout for all of those emotional moments throughout our time with you.

We will capture precious details unique to you and your venue alongside capturing the laughter, joy and feeling of love from your attending family & friends.

Dee, my partner and best friend acts as my second photographer and her approach mirrors that of mine.

For us it is always about capturing that ‘Moment in Time’ as it is so true; A picture will always speak a thousand words and in a beautiful timeless way.

We invest time with our clients to ensure that “If it is important to you then it is equally as important for us”  . 

Press the Our Style link button on the right underneath our photograph to see some slideshow examples of our work.

If you feel that our style and approach is perfect for you, please do get in touch via our Contact Us link.


Weddings – Photographer Horsham

Happiness, Love and Marriage. Experienced Wedding Photographers based in Horsham West Sussex who happily travel.

Creating Emotive, Heartfelt and natural style Wedding Photography that tell the story of your day capturing real emotions through our engaging and unobtrusive approach whilst you enjoy your occasion.

We equally love photographing those important personal details, your venue and all other aspects that go into making your day so unique to you.

Our style is creative and flowing yet we also note the importance for some of your photographic moments being a little more directed and styled.

Ultimately we listen to your wishes and do our utmost to deliver always.

Just think of us as your photographic genies for the day. Our Wedding Photography will provide you with a beautiful narrative of your day.

Creating a pictorial storyline that captures every moment and feeling for your memories to be timeless.If this is what you are looking for then look no further, we specialise in this style and would love to hear from you. Please do get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Portrait – Photographer Horsham

There are many kinds of Portrait styles and this is a genre of photography that is endlessly rewarding.

Having your Portrait taken is always daunting and exciting at the same time because at the end of your session you want your photographs to be a great reflection of your sitting.

Equally you want your your images to have captured your individuality and style despite any nerves and dislike of being in front of a camera on the day!

Trust us, we know exactly how that feels so it’s important to us for you to have the best experience as possible no matter how informal or formal your requirement is.

We like to invest time with our clients so that we can interpret your wishes and requirements fully.

Taking that time to work through ideas, locations, proposed timescales and most importantly, what you want from your investment, makes all the difference and always in a good way.

We also offer Portrait Gift Vouchers which make fabulous gifts for loved ones.

They are valid for 12 months giving plenty of time for family, partners and friends to choose the best time and locations for their photographic gift.

For more information on our Products & Services please refer to our  Portraits Investments page. Equally if you would like to know more about our Portrait services please do get in touch via our Contact Us page

Special Occasions  – Photographer Horsham

Special Occasions – Bring loved ones, family and friends together for those important milestones in your life”.

So many Milestones in our Lives – “ Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph” – Matt Hardy.  We could not agree more.

Our Special Occasions photography is bespoke and tailored to meet your requirements, wishes and those Must Have shots from your special event.

As professional photographers, we ensure that you can relax and have a great time instead of worrying that those wonderful moments from your occasion may not be recorded in a beautiful timeless fashion that our photographs can.

We specialise in emotive, natural and candid picture taking as well as giving care and attention to details alongside more formally styled group photographs if this is within your wish list.

There is nothing better for us then seeing your story unfold within our pictures and it remains a wonderful perk of our job that we get to share in so many Special Occasions watching loved ones and great friends together celebrating your event with you.

To discuss your requirements please do get in touch via our Contact Us page so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet and discuss your requests.